Our mandate is to reduce and slash costs related to recurring monthly expenses for companies comprised of wireless users. Our consultants’ interests parallel yours in every respect. How? Simple: We do not get paid unless we save you money. We negotiate the price. You sit back and relax!

Founded in Montreal in 2009, RS Communications boasts an impressive array of industry experts who succeed time and time again in saving our customers money. We have created a name for ourselves as specialists in reducing costs on cell phone bills thanks to our extensive and comprehensive knowledge, our sharp negotiation acumen, and our careful and precise cost analysis. We can safely guarantee that our professional and personal approach to our clients outmatches and outperforms any competitive telephone audit software.


Our reputation was built on a strong foundation. We have developed a close and trusting relationship with our clients by chopping up costs and helping companies save up to 50% of costs related to their cell phone usage. When you decide to accept RS Communications services, you can rest assured that you have landed yourself the sweetest deal possible.

By saying “yes” to RS Communications, your business will move forward and make significant advances in your field by making note-worthy savings and reducing telecommunication charges.

RS Communications for all your telecommunication needs!