Wireless Facts


As the years speed on by, Canadian wireless providers continue to make significant profits that amaze and sometimes even annoy customers. Profits continue to rise regardless of tough economic times!

In light of this context, a number of questions need to be raised.

Firstly, how are these profits possible? Secondly, are wireless providers charging too much for their services? Most importantly, are you dishing out too much money for your wireless service and are you being handed the right plan for you? We strongly believe that some plans which are not public can be deemed the perfect fit for you. Let us show you how.


How often does your cell phone service provider contacted you with savings or upgrades?

What are your competitors paying for your service?

Do you understand every charge on your bill?

1-How often does your cell phone service provider contact you about savings or upgrade information?

2-What are your competitors paying for your service?

3-Do you understand every single charge on your bill?

RS Communications will guide you through the intricate and often convoluted world of cell phone plans. We make sure to take the time to fully explain what the charges mean and how they affect you. What are system access fees? What do we mean by wrongful rates? How can we eliminate extra charges and how can we highlight ways in which to save some cash? We specialize in helping you stay ahead of costs by sharing some choice business secrets with you and allowing you and your company to develop that extra edge that everyone is raving about.

RS Communications for all your telecommunication needs!